OS Win 7 64 bit / RAM 16 GB


Hi friends,


I think I make mistakes in using the bucket-fill - option of GIMP.


I want to use it for colouring (don't grin - by different shades of grey

to make in black-and-white maps details like lakes or defined areas better


I tried it as follows:

I choose the layer where to use the fill in, choose the colour and click to
the area, 

but the whole layer is coloured. I searched for help via the GIMP website,
but I 

was not successful following the advices.


So at the moment I use the fill-in-option of Photoshop 6, but that's much

complicated: Export from GIMP to tiff, import to Photoshop, fill-in, save as

tiff, re-import to GIMP as a new layer.


My file is about 1,3 GB (!) with 57 layers and Photoshop 6 is not able to

with any file as big.


I appreciate yor help!




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