Printing a picture in landscape mode, with GIMP.

Picture has lakes, sky, trees, rooftops, mountains, etc.

In Gimp, some of the dark trees, and the dark areas of shrubbery around a
path, have
big open white blotches.  Afr doing everything I know to do in GIMP, I
opened OOo,
inserted the pictures into a frame, and printed the picture.
The big white spots are missing, and the picture actually looks pretty good.
This tells me (I think) that the problem is not the printer (Epson Styus
1400) or
the picture (I flattened it, thinking maybe something about the layers
might cause
that problem.)
In Gimp 2.6, Suse 12,  I'm setting  Image Quality high, Color Precision
best, Print Quality high.
Oh, and these are not random white spots.  Each print (wasting lots of ink
and paper here) has
the big white spots in the same places -- the same trees, the same
shrubbery, same shapes
to the white blotches.
Any ideas?

Helen Etters
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