On 04/05/2013 09:50 PM, Richard Gitschlag wrote:>

> Didn't somebody else ask this same question just yesterday?

(and proceeded to provide good answers not yet posted here, see
previous in thread)

"There's always another way to do this in the GIMP" is pretty much a
law of nature.  Here's yet another, deceptively simple:

Make a new brush, a generic circle might be just what you want.  In
the Brush Editor there's a setting for Spacing:  Turn that way up,
and you get a brush that makes, guess what, evenly spaced dots!

Example:  http://pilobilus.net/img/1_dot_brush.gbr

I don't find a way to set the spacing of a brush "on the fly" in
GIMP 2.8, maybe that's an oversight on my part.


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