Thanks Owen,

I couldn't find any reviews of ShotWell on CNET, PC Mag or ComputerWorld. But I
did find  their site and good amount of comments on it elsewhere.

Owen, I am not a Ubuntu/Linux user, my old PC has Windows XP on it, do you know
if ShotWell works on Windows XP?

Owen to better illustrate what I'm trying to do, I tried to show you below; what
you see below is all in one folder labeled things to do, and each item you see
is I guess a file or folder by priority the numeral (1) being highest priority
and "A" being highest priority in respective folders. I know were off GIMP topic
but this is in the path and I wanted to know a little more about labeling files
and folders based on what I've envisioned.

Here at least in my head is what I am going for....remember there are thousands
of these "Things To Do" that will be in play here and dragged and dropped to
differing folders depending on priority and many of course at some point will be
deleted (By the way this is only part of my scanning project). Keep in mind each
file is ONE 3x5 inch index card scanned into my PC as a .JPG.



 (A) -Go To Bank (FILE)
 -Change Oil In Car (FILE)
 -Cut Your toe nails (FILE)

 (B) -Take A Walk
 -Do The Dishes
 -Make Doctor's Appointment

 (C) -Shine My Shoes
 -Weed Eat
 -Call Attorney

 (D) -Computer Maintenance
 -Program DVR
 -Gaze At My Navel


 (A) -xxxxxxxx (FILE)

 (B) -xxxx

 (C) -xxxx

 (D) -xxxxxxx


 (A) -yyyyyyyy (FILE)

 (B) -yyy

 (C) -yyyyyyyyyy

 (D) -yyyyyy

I hope I'm not overwhelming you here. Are you clear on what I'm trying to do?
Based on my posting? Before we go down this road, if you don't mind please
review my post again, to make sure were on the same page here.

I know I can with Irfanview, scan one 3x5 inch index card at a time and it will
automatically number my scans with a good deal of flexibility with regards to
settings. FastStone has some of these same features and XnView similar as well
but Irfanview seems to have the most flexibility with settings during the scan

In other words using one of the above is a speedy process, GIMP is unable to
auto-number. So now I'm left with .JPG files of my single 3x5 inch index cards
and now the goal is to do what I said in my post about making these files act
more like tiles or icons so they stay where put and do not interrupt the order
like you get with standard 001.JPG file numbering approach.

To expound, refer to my post again.

Thanks Owen,


P.S....Owen if you don't mind can you tell me in layman about how these tags you
mentioned below would look and work with my index card scans. Keep in mind, I AM
a beginner.

>Use a program like shotwell and tag each file with its file name. Then
>no matter where it is you can retrieve it from the tag.
>The tag might also be useful for further identification of the cards

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