Over at the Web List I've posted this redesign that I made from Mike Finch's 


It seemed to get very high praise and acceptance from the users in the list. 
Overall, I think the homepage is done and I just wanted to ask more users about 
their opinion on it as well as figure out what I have to do next in terms of 
getting the redesign on the official GIMP site (assuming the developers like it 
as well).

A few things to note:

 - Currently, it is only the homepage 
 - We MIGHT be redesigning the entire GIMP website. No idea as of yet.
 - The slideshow images will be changed soon.
 - The background of the header might change as well.
 - We will not use the current text that we have on the body (ex. Professional 
Level Filters). This was discussed on the Web List.

So tell me what you guys think of it so far! Any and all positive as well as 
negative feedback is welcome and much appreciated. It'll really help me make 
this into something that everyone can enjoy!

- Kasim Ahmic

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