On 04/11/2013 06:33 AM, Kasim Ahmic wrote:

> Over at the Web List I've posted this redesign that I made from Mike
> Finch's mockup.
> http://kasimahmic.koding.com/works/GIMP/
> It seemed to get very high praise and acceptance from the users in
> the list. Overall, I think the homepage is done and I just wanted to
> ask more users about their opinion on it as well as figure out what
> I have to do next in terms of getting the redesign on the official
> GIMP site (assuming the developers like it as well).

It's really hard to make an overall value judgment on a thing like
this.  I certainly see nothing to object to and some things I like,
but I also see a couple of things that I would suggest tweaking...

At the upper left where it says "The Freely Distributed [etc]" I
think I would have said "The Free Software [etc]", and I don't know
what to suggest changing but I think the text could be at higher
contrast with the background.

I note the doctype is "html" a.k.a. "quirks mode".  Today some call
that "html 5".  I would specify xhtml 1.0 transitional, as per the
existing GIMP site, for the production version.  For my take on the
state of html 5, see the bottom of this page:


> A few things to note:
>  - Currently, it is only the homepage 
>  - We MIGHT be redesigning the entire GIMP website. No idea as of yet.
>  - The slideshow images will be changed soon.
>  - The background of the header might change as well.
>  - We will not use the current text that we have on the body (ex.
> Professional Level Filters). This was discussed on the Web List.
> So tell me what you guys think of it so far! Any and all positive as
> well as negative feedback is welcome and much appreciated. It'll
> really help me make this into something that everyone can enjoy!

On the whole, at first viewing, I like it!



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