Hello Kevin,

Great power quote by the way. 

I am very familiar with "To Do List" type apps and programs, but my system has
been paper for 30 years, and it's not always the same or convenient to scribble
something digitally on my phone as just slam it on an index card.

Also too many cards to give detailed file names, and besides they will be moved
around from folder to folder and I just need to be able to drag these cards
around without conflict.

Some recent suggestions are: (And I don't know much about all of this but this
is some of the feedback I've gotten from all sites.)

1. Use a CAD package and import each card as an object.

2. PaperPort

3. ShotWell (But I am a windows user, not Linux).

4. Daminion

5. Paperless (For Windows)

6. OmniPage

BOTTOMLINE: I need these cards to be treated like the CAD guy said like
"objects" that I can freely move at will with no conflict, like the way a
windows desktop reacts or the Opera browser "Speed Dial" page works with all
these "icons" that I can just move around and they STAY where you put them.

This has been SO much work for me trying to find a solution, I just wish someone
would come up with a definitive solution, maybe it's already on my radar, but I
don't know for sure yet.

I just want to get busy scanning, but I don't want to begin till I KNOW that I
am on the right & best course for my project.

Thanks Kevin,


P.S.....Keep the suggestions coming!!!

>If you are scanning your cards and computerizing the ToDo list you
>would be
>better to move to a program that is designed to handle a list of ToDo
>instead of dealing with a bunch of cards.
>If you do want to use pictures of the cards keep all the file names
>and use a good photo management tool.

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