Hello Jay,

With GimpUsers forum, am I supposed to type above or below what I'm responding
to? If I select and start typing below the responders text, does this
automatically create the window at the top of my response in the final view?

Jay...I have thousands of cards, not just "things to do" cards, with a lot of
scribbling & writing on them; sometimes a lot of tiny scribbling, drawing etc

So to answer your question yes I think I do need images of the cards themselves
and not just the info on them.

I am a novice and have been at this for WEEKS I read twice what you typed below,
and I'm sure it's makes perfect sense but you sorta lost me. But I do I really
do want to understand, but I am not that tech savvvy or at least not at this

I just want a definitive solution and soon, it's been weeks trying to figure
this out.

Bottomline...I have something very simple I want to do and need a simple
solution...I've been at this for weeks now.

Please read my recent post to I think Rod or Kevin? It should be above this post
I think.

Thanks Jay,


P.S.....Jay...I just read what you suggested below, and I want to understand
what you were getting at, but right now my head is about ready to explode. Maybe
it's no longer relative based on what I typed above, but if it is still relative
I want to understand it, if it will help me....Thanks Jay...

>If I understand correctly -- that in the long run it is the
>ON the cards that you want to preserve, not necessarily images of the 
>cards themselves, then it seems to me that you should be using a 
>database that can either _contain_ images or at least display images 
>referenced by filenames in the database, as well as textual/data
>In such a database, every card would be referenced by some unique 
>filename/number; it really does not matter much what that 
>filename/number is.  The card would be viewable either as an
>image by whatever methods, but more importantly, from withing the 
>database's user interface.
>The data records in the database would be structured to _eventually_ 
>replace the cards/images.  Over time, you could type in the data from 
>the cards (images) into the database (while being able to see both at 
>the same time on screen).  When the data is fully entered, then you
>sort and organize it any thousand ways you want and you will always
>immediate access to the image (if still needed).

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