On 04/12/2013 01:30 PM, FriendlyBeginner wrote:
Hello Jay,

Jay...You told me to take a few weeks off before my head explodes, but I was
challenged & inspired by your posting and decided to go forward and try to
answer you.

<< snip >>


This has really gotten far afield from a Gimp matter and we should not be using Gimp electrons on it.

I will cogitate on your latest message, however, please contact me OFF-LIST j...@jaysmith.com with a direct email address that we can continue our conversation.

If you prefer to remain in a discussion group setting of some sort, then find an appropriate venue (probably related to information management; this has really nothing to do with images at this point) and inform me of where to listen in.

To respect the Gimp group, we need to take this elsewhere.



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