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> On 13-04-11 06:33 AM, Kasim Ahmic wrote:
>> Over at the Web List I've posted this redesign that I made from Mike
>> Finch's mockup.
>> http://kasimahmic.koding.com/**works/GIMP/<http://kasimahmic.koding.com/works/GIMP/>
> [snip]
>  So tell me what you guys think of it so far!
> It looks good but you could tighten up the design. It uses a lot of space
> for little information, but that may be in part that it is a sample of the
> appearance of the front page without the final content.

I don't think it's that big of an issue.  We live in an age of high
resolution monitors.  Higher resolution images would be good to take
advantage of that.  Personally I like the current site design (on gimp.org);
primarily because I enjoy reading the GIMP news as soon as I get to the
site (which I avidly check even though it's not updated very often).  For
me it just means more clicks to get to news.  I guess I'll just depend on
my RSS feed as it's not that big of a deal.

However I like how Kasim emphasizes features on the front page which
beckons users to try it out.  The only thing I would like to see changed is
the text, "Play with the Tools of the Trade."  I don't like that because it
implies that there is no need to take GIMP seriously as a professional
editing tool or that it's a free trial to "play" with before using the real
thing.  I'm tired of hearing people say GIMP isn't as good as Photoshop.
They just haven't used GIMP enough.  You need to unlearn Photoshop to
really take advantage of GIMP.  I think GIMP is already ready for the prime
time just industry doesn't take the time to learn a new tool.  I would like
to suggest you changing that text to, "Draft with the Tools of the Trade."
This let's users know that it's there for the taking yet allows
professionals to take it seriously as a tool to get work done.

If we're really going forward with this redesign thanks for considering any
of my thoughts.

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