Hello Jay,

I don't like to do email. I've been trying to find an "Information Management"
forum we can finish our conversation in, but nothing has popped out at me in my
searches, I've been posting this request on some sites.....

PLEASE READ & HELP....My mission is to find THREE busy forums/groups about
Information Management, I need to communicate with others about alternative ways
to scan large volumes of paper data into my pc and make it less complicated to
organize it and move it around from folder to folder without so much
complication & work....PLEASE ADVISE...I want to join Information Management
Forums/Groups....Do you know of any?...PLEASE HELP.....Thank You.......

Thanks Jay,


><< snip >>
>This has really gotten far afield from a Gimp matter and we should not
>be using Gimp electrons on it.
>I will cogitate on your latest message, however, please contact me 
>OFF-LIST j...@jaysmith.com  with a direct email address that we can 
>continue our conversation.
>If you prefer to remain in a discussion group setting of some sort,
>find an appropriate venue (probably related to information management;
>this has really nothing to do with images at this point) and inform me
>of where to listen in.
>To respect the Gimp group, we need to take this elsewhere.

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