>In my webpage header I putted a logo. First, I made the logo
>background (which was white) transparant in GIMP and saved the file.
>Second I putted the logo in my header, yet the logo doesnt seem to be
>transparant as it is in the saved file because the blue header
>background colour is lighter at the place of the logo.

Hi Robert,

you can easily manipulate transparency values in different color adjustement
tools. One could be Colors / Curves. Be sure to check the "Alpha" channel where
you can handle all the (semi)transparent pixels. Then move the bottom point a
little to the right, in the background you'll see that the slightly gray pixels
will vanish and the background will shine through completely. See tge attached
file for more clarification.

Best regards,

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/32/original/aw-01.png

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