I am currently pursuing MS by Research in the field of computer vision and
image processing at IIIT- Hyderabad, India. I am interested in working for
GIMP organization this summer in a GSoC project.

Some of my own ideas:

a) *Image denoising*
I have found a latest research paper regarding this.


b) *Color2Gray*

Visually important image features often disappear when color images are
converted to grayscale. This algorithm reduces such losses by attempting to
preserve the salient features of the color image. The Color2Gray results
offer viewers salient information missing from previous grayscale image
creation methods.


c) *Domain Transform for Edge-Aware Image Processing (Non-Photorealistic
Animation and Rendering) *

The processing involves high-quality edge-preserving filtering of images
(better than bilateral filter). The filter is applied on several image
processing tasks including edge-preserving smoothing, Depth-of-field
effects, stylization, detail enhancement, edge enhancement and pencil/color
pencil sketch.


d) *Surface Extraction from Texture*

What are your views about this?

Best Regards,

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