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> Yes, I did post it to blender. But they said - "All three proposals are
> very cool, but quite more suitable for GIMP than for Blender".
> Hence, I am applying here since these methods are currently missing in
> Yes, I have build GIMP from source code.
> How should I proceed further with my proposal?

The best way to proceed, is to pretend you already have been accepted, and
to figure out what you need to do to get some of this into GIMP. Students
that have already started and are seen as bug-fixers, as well as feature
contributors to the code base are more likely to be accepted by us in GSOC,
we want new contributors and care less about the actual features proposed.
We expect students to at least have submitted a well formed git
contribution as a patch in bugzilla before considering them. Help can be
had both from searching google as well as asking us on IRC.

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