I have some questions.

1) Will these filters be added as plugins?

2) Can we use OpenCV library with GIMP?

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>> Yes, I did post it to blender. But they said - "All three proposals are
>> very cool, but quite more suitable for GIMP than for Blender".
>>  Hence, I am applying here since these methods are currently missing in
>> GIMP.
>> Yes, I have build GIMP from source code.
>> How should I proceed further with my proposal?
> The best way to proceed, is to pretend you already have been accepted, and
> to figure out what you need to do to get some of this into GIMP. Students
> that have already started and are seen as bug-fixers, as well as feature
> contributors to the code base are more likely to be accepted by us in GSOC,
> we want new contributors and care less about the actual features proposed.
> We expect students to at least have submitted a well formed git
> contribution as a patch in bugzilla before considering them. Help can be
> had both from searching google as well as asking us on IRC.
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