> Hello all! I'm fairly new to GIMP and even after reading the user
> manual,
> it stills seems to be written for someone with a Ph.D. What I'm trying
> to
> do is to take a scanned hand drawn picture and trace over it to make a
> brand new image that's cleaner and delete the scanned image from the
> whole
> thing so that only the new, GIMP drawing is there. Remember, I need
> this to
> be in layman's terms, please. I'm doing a google search to find some
> tutorials that are easier to follow than the manual while I wait for a
> reply. Thanks!

Try righting on the image

Select Colors

Then select Threshold and see if you can adjust out the clutter.

Alternatively try Image->Colors->Curves and see if adjustment there
will clean it up for you

Lastly, try converting the image to indexed, Image->mode->Indexed and
set the number of colors to 2

You can keep your scanned image, once you clean it out, save it as an
xcf so you can do more work on it, then if you want a png or jpg, just
export it, File->Export to that format/file type


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