Hi all,
         I'm Akhil Ennu from, I'm a good user of gimp, I want to contribute
something to gimp. I have looked out the ideas for this gsoc.

         It is a very good idea to let GIMP support importing and exporting
PSD files as some users of Adobe Photoshop may want to shift to GIMP as
Adobe is not free to use, they may have some work which can be editted
later, this may be used in gimp too in other systems, it gives a lot more
development to GIMP.

         I really want to be a part of this development. I'm a good c
coder, I have made 3 games by myself using 'turbo c'. I've used gcc for
compiling my other c programs after I started using ubuntu-linux.

         Please give me a brief idea about this implementation.

                                       Thank you,

with Regards,
Akhil Ennu
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