On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 9:25 PM, akhil ennu wrote:
> Hi all,
>          I'm Akhil Ennu from, I'm a good user of gimp, I want to contribute
> something to gimp. I have looked out the ideas for this gsoc.
>          It is a very good idea to let GIMP support importing and exporting
> PSD files as some users of Adobe Photoshop may want to shift to GIMP as
> Adobe is not free to use, they may have some work which can be editted
> later, this may be used in gimp too in other systems, it gives a lot more
> development to GIMP.

Hi Akhil,

I'm a bit puzzled. There already is a PSD loader/exporter. The
suggested task is to improve it, not create it from scratch. Are you
quite sure you understand the task?

>          I really want to be a part of this development. I'm a good c coder,
> I have made 3 games by myself using 'turbo c'. I've used gcc for compiling
> my other c programs after I started using ubuntu-linux.
>          Please give me a brief idea about this implementation.

Could you please be more specific? What information are you missing exactly?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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