>It looks to me like it _is_ putting the text along the path, but in 11
>or 12 lines.  Did you enter newlines/linebreaks in the text editor?
>If so, get rid of them.

There are no new lines or breaks.  It is not putting it on the path.  The path
is a closed loop that outlines the face and head and runs along the bottom of
the edge.  There are no breaks in the text.  If you look at the paths menu you
see that a second path has been added.

>You might consider exporting the image and path to Inkscape, and
>setting the text there.  I've had more luck using Inkscape for text
>along paths:

I have seen several recommendations for Inkscape here, but I am a high school
art teacher trying to teach my students to use GIMP, so an Inkscape solution
won't help me.  This is so frustrating because this was going to be their first
assignment where they have to have personal meaning rather than just using their

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