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>>  > Is there any way to change the format that's the default save. I
>> don't
>>  > use .xcf and prefer to use png or jpg. Why do I have to export them
>>  > instead of simply save? Why did they change it in this version? It's
>>  > annoying.
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>> The reason is because a lot of other people use GIMP to work on
>> complicated digital art which requires keeping a file containing
>> multiple layers, and some of those people lost valuable project time and
>> effort by saving to the wrong file format before quitting GIMP.  (It's
>> not the 'saving' part that was necessarily the problem, but the
>> 'quitting' part).
>> I agree the change may be difficult to get used to and it possibly was
>> not implemented or handled as well as it could be, but the new behavior
>> is also a standard design paradigm so for now your choices really do
>> boil down to adjusting to the new behavior or moving on to something
>> else (I hear there's an alternate GIMP fork which restores the old
>> behavior).
> Hi
> Lot of people  don't "use GIMP to work on complicated digital art".
> Example : my wife is a teacher, and like most teachers, she just need
> to resize, change tone, etc... .png or .jpeg pictures, never .xcf.
> This behavior is annoying because many people think that gimp is
> unusable and therefore install photoshop. This is not a good
> advertisement for the free software.
> There's no alternate GIMP fork which restores the normal behavior.
> I'm getting tired of seeing the word "troll" whenever someone
> criticizes Gimp
> Greetings

Criticize all you want but be aware that you will get one of two
responses (a) all those people who agree with you and have been making
the same criticism for quite a while, or (b) Sorry you feel that way but
get used to it.

The default save for photoshop is .psd You have to do a "save as" or
"save for web" to get .png
it took a while to get used to "export to" rather than "save as" but it
is no extra work.
If all you want to do is resize, do basic color changes, etc. There are
so many ways to do this outside the gimp or photoshop that I won't even
bother enumerating. So don't use gimp, don't use a pirated version of
photoshop (if you've already paid hundreds of dollars for a piece of
software, why even think of using the gimp?).  Anyone who thinks that
photoshop is easier to use is not likely to be influenced by the best of
any advertising.

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