Alright, I use Daz 3-d for my artwork. And daz has 2 plug-ins, 1 is bridge daz
and photoshop and another to bridge daz and zbrush

Ok, those are great programs and all....but they cost an arm and a leg to even

While me, I use gimp, free and a decent program.

I want to make (or maybe someone can help) make a plug-in to bridge daz with

I know with the PS bridge, when you have it opened. What happens in daz, happens
over in PS. So, you export the model over as a image (as a layer) over on top of
the background you want to use. You add lighting in daz, you can have it appear
in PS, and all that stuff.

You can also do texture maps and export the lay right on over onto the Daz
model. You know, that sort of stuff.

I'm a bit...I have no idea what I'm even doing, but I'm surprised that a plug-in
hasn't even been made in the 1st place

So...any help would be nice

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