On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 4:46 AM, Vata-Raven wrote:

> yes it is...there is a page, with the serial numbers to use. They in fact did
> this on mistake, but saw how much business it brought them and kept it. People
> wanted the updated versions and paid up the money for it.
> If they didn't want people using those codes, they would've removes the page a
> while ago

Your logic is as in "someone left their car open with keys inside,
obviously they want me to take it, otherwise why would they leave it
open with keys inside in the first place?".

Simply put, if Adobe says CS2 isn't free, then it's what it is.
Likewise, if we ever say that GIMP is proprietary, the first thing to
do is to 'git pull' and check the license _again_ :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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