On 30.04.13 at 9:10 PM scl wrote:
On 30.04.13 at 8:07 PM Michael Natterer wrote:
You can easily make yourself a script that does a rectangle select
on the "extents" of a guide, so the workflow would be: place guide,
run script, remove guide.
That sounds quite easy and straightforward.
Does it work for you? I tried to do this manually and failed. As soon
as I activated another tool, the selection was destroyed. Then I added
a horizontal or vertical path and made a selection out of it - and that
failed too :-(

After discussing it on IRC there is a quite easy solution:

1. Drag a guide onto the image,
2. from the toolbox choose the Rectangle selection tool,
3. in its tool options set 'Fixed height'=1 px for a row respectively
'Fixed width'=1 px for a column,
4. stretch a rectangular selection along the guide from step 1.

The reason why it failed in my first posting is that a guide has a width resp. height of 0 px and selections of 0 px width or height
don't make much sense.

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