* Helen <etter...@gmail.com> [05-07-13 11:00]:
> I've been trying for days to print a small 4x6"  picture that I drew in
> gimp.
> I've even spent quite a bit of $ putting new print cartridges in my
> printer, even
> though they were not empty.  Just trying to cover everything I can think of.
> The picture just comes out pink.  There should be no pink in this picture.
> I have lots of trashed pages printed with Gimp, one with LibreOffice tex,
> one with LibreOffice Draw.  There are also thin vertical white lines on the
> print.   It looks fine if Print Preview.  All settings on both file and
> printer
> are set to "Best".   RGB color.
> Using Linux, Suse 12, gimp 2.6.11,  printer Epson Stylus 1400.  Thanks
> for any ideas.

openSUSE 12.???

Can you give access to the photo or email it to me?

openSUSE Tumbleweed which is 12.3+

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