On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Dominik Tabisz <d.kup...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If You accept making this thread slightly more offtopic i would
> appreciate any links to this studies on workplace ergonomics from
> 1960s.

I don't think that this went off-topic. At the contrary, I wrote the
original email specifically for this kind of information too! :-)
And me too I am interested in any link of a serious study, old or new.

Not that I don't believe what others say, nor that studies are always
right and not sometimes biased. But that's always nice to have good
detailed and various info to look at.

> Color of our environment affect colors in graphics we do. Any
> knowledge that help to use this fact consciously reduce need for trial
> and error.



> Dominik
> 2013/5/11, Liam R E Quin <l...@holoweb.net>:
>> On Sat, 2013-05-11 at 20:29 +0900, Jehan Pagès wrote:
>>> Ok. I remembered for instance years ago, when everybody started to
>>> make their personal website with broken html, most were dark because
>>> it seemed cooler. Then it was told that dark websites are harder to
>>> use/read and finally are not that good for the eyes. And indeed now
>>> nearly all big websites use light colors.
>> The big search engines started to penalise dark sites, so it was a money
>> issue.
>> The reason was that people would set the background to black in a
>> paragraph or div element near the bottom of the page and have a whole
>> bunch of search engine spam keywords in black on a black background that
>> didn't show up.
>> The other problem was that before CSS was widely implemented you
>> couldon't style forms very well, so the input fields would tend to end
>> up white on a white background.
>> Actually if you use the "evolution" mail program you may still run into
>> this with gtk styles in gnome 2, and also if you have a dark gtk theme
>> you'll find logging in to ebay trickier than before.
>> In general, though, dark backgrounds are good for image processing. For
>> text, for years ASCII terminals were made with green text on a black
>> background to reduce eye fatigue - or possibly because it was cheaper,
>> I'm not sure ;)
>> A lot of it will depend on your immediate environment, the brightness
>> and contrast of your screen, viewing distance, and the amount of blood
>> getting to your brain (drink water to help regulate blood pressure; take
>> off shoes; sit upright; exercise...)
>> Liam
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