Hello - I am an amateur photographer, satisfied user of GIMP on Mac computers; 
an iMac 27" at home and a Macbook Pro with 15" Retina displays, that I use on 
the road.  GIMP does not support my Retina high resolution display; window 
graphics and text appear jagged, and, while displaying the same picture on the 
iMac and the Macbook, the Retina picture appears to be lower quality.

It is a pity that this wonderful program, ported to the Mac with native 
graphics, does not support these displays.

This is of course a request for an enhancement; will you plan to support high 
resolution displays in the near future?

(@_   |
//\   | Maurizio Loreti - Retired physicist, happy grandfather
V_/_  | of two grandsons, wanderer and amateur photographer...

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