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> On 20.05.13 at 08:23 AM Maurizio Loreti wrote:
>> [...] GIMP does not support my Retina high resolution display;
>  [...]

> The Retina display problem is already known and there are two bugs in
> our Bugtracker for this:
> Bug 682178-Offscreen windows render into low-resolution pixel space [1],
> Bug 686454-Gimp Canvas Content Looks Distorted and Pixelated on Macbook
> Pro Retina [2].
> [...]

> The current state of development as I heard on IRC: one developer
> already made bugfixes but found nobody with a Retina display to
> test it. Perhaps we can create a new temporary development branch
> in our Git repository for these bugfixes, get an OS X build from it
> and somebody with a Retina display is willing to test (perhaps you?).

No problem, provided that 1) my "GIMP on OS X" installation, from the
distribution built by Simone Karin Lehman is not affected, i.e. if I can
install this
test executable in a directory different from /Applications; and 2) my
scripts, fonts, plugins, ... under ~/Library/Application
Support/GIMP/2.8/ are not
affected.  OK, I could backup the whole stuff, but...  And, well, in about
days I am planning to leave from home for a short trip in camping car wit
limited/no web access...

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