On 05/27/2013 09:09 PM, Kazuki Takahashi wrote:
> well i seem to be having a problem, i know how to make a transparent image
> in gimp, and i know how to make gifs in gimp, but if the background is
> transparent on the gifs, it shows the previous layer on the gif, how do i
> fix that?
> p.s whenever i edit gifs, they turn out just fine, but I want to make my
> own so...

I'm not "certain" I understand the question, but if I do...

Click your mouse on the "eyeball" icon at the left of each unwanted
layer in the Layers dialog dock.  The eyeball will disappear and the
layer will no longer show in the main image canvas window.

If you export your image as a .gif with all the layers except the
ones you want to be visible turned off, only the ones you leave
turned on will be visible in the exported image.



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