>I assumed so, but it could of course have been an error in the file
>is distributed with GIMP.
>is supposed to work - the WINDOWSFONTDIR is a variable that is 
>recognized and replaced with the actual fonts directory value by 
>fontconfig when this library reads the file.
>Can you put the original line back and check with a tool like Process 
>Monitor where the fonts files are being searched?
>Process Monitor:
>Process Monitor Usage:

Tried the PEMonitor -Cannot find any special process that's got something to do
with font-loading.
Tried with original fonts.conf & reset Preferences. Result: fonts load OK, work
Put back edited fonts.conf file.Fonts loaded & work OK. 
Settings: Single Windows, Tool Options: Add Tab, Fonts. 
Usage: Pick font from fonts list prior to typ[ing text, or type text, select
text,pick font from fonts list.
That's all I can come up with. 
This concludes my involvement with this topic.
best regards,

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