On 06/09/2013 07:24 PM, Eduard Braun wrote:
> Thanks for the workarounds, I appreciate them very much!
> But to summarize, this seems to be an issue not just for me, right?
> So is there a reason GIMP doesn't support off-canvas editing
> out-of-the-box to make such workarounds unnecessary?
> I mean, would there be any downsides of allowing editing content
> outside the canvas borders? Are there any design limitations of the
> underlying code that make it hard to impossible to implement such a
> feature?

I'm guessing this is something nobody thought much about.  Very few
GIMP tools "go wrong" when working on and past the edges of a
canvas-sized layer - Gaussian Blur with a high radius and the
Healing Tool come to mind.

I wonder about how the interface would represent the edge of the
canvas, without shading image content that goes past the edge - a
problem if editing that content - or drawing lines effectively the
same as guide lines to show the canvas boundary.  In the latter
case, a plugin that automates the processes outlined earlier might
do the job for users who need to do this over and over.



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