Am 10.06.2013 03:14, schrieb Steve Kinney:
I wonder about how the interface would represent the edge of the
canvas, without shading image content that goes past the edge - a
problem if editing that content - or drawing lines effectively the
same as guide lines to show the canvas boundary.  In the latter
case, a plugin that automates the processes outlined earlier might
do the job for users who need to do this over and over.

 * Possibility 1: Do not show any special page border at all. Show the
   borders of the page as black lines as a "lowest layer", which simply
   get hidden by image content. This is how our sister project Inkscape
   handles this (and it works fine I guess).
 * Possibility 2: Use a black line as border, that is always shown as a
   "top layer" e.g. is never hidden by any image content.
 * Possibility 3: Use a combination of 1 or 2 with the current look.
   The off-canvas could still be shown in gray, image content is simply
   shown on top of this gray bottom-layer.

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