On 06/09/2013 06:14 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
On 06/09/2013 07:24 PM, Eduard Braun wrote:
Thanks for the workarounds, I appreciate them very much!

But to summarize, this seems to be an issue not just for me, right?
So is there a reason GIMP doesn't support off-canvas editing
out-of-the-box to make such workarounds unnecessary?
I mean, would there be any downsides of allowing editing content
outside the canvas borders? Are there any design limitations of the
underlying code that make it hard to impossible to implement such a
I'm guessing this is something nobody thought much about.  Very few
GIMP tools "go wrong" when working on and past the edges of a
canvas-sized layer - Gaussian Blur with a high radius and the
Healing Tool come to mind.

I wonder about how the interface would represent the edge of the
canvas, without shading image content that goes past the edge - a
problem if editing that content - or drawing lines effectively the
same as guide lines to show the canvas boundary.  In the latter
case, a plugin that automates the processes outlined earlier might
do the job for users who need to do this over and over.



With my limited experience, the behavior of off-canvas editing strikes me as reasonable as it is. Simply fitting canvas to layers usually works, but in the special case that the original canvas size (print, pixels, etc) wants to be preserved, the "workarounds" (i.e. specified workflows) require very few extra steps.

One downside to allowing off-canvas editing is that an inexperienced person might assume the edits outside the canvas are going to be a part of the picture. When that person finishes, exports the image, and closes the file, the off-canvas work is all lost. Is that what he or she wants?

  -- Burnie

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