Just because a program does not perform the way you would like it to, doesn't make it an inferior program. GIMP is a very powerful Image Editing program that thousands of people use day to day. For every one that states in this forum that it is a regression there is probably as many that like the new behavior that don't post. As it has been said before if you don't like it, use something else, no body makes you use GIMP.

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In case you are not just phishing (which is unlikely, as there are
several such emails posted recently:-)
Given the way Adobe are moving to a subscription model, there are going to be a lot of new users like myself seriously looking at The Gimp in future. The recent addition of colour management finally moved The Gimp into the realms of being worthy of serious consideration, but trying to make it some sort of exclusive package that works with it's own file formats is just daft. If you can drag and drop an image into the program it should by default save back to the same format. Everything other program works that way, changing that protocol is unintuitive and just daft.

If the discussion has had thousands of comments in the past it's pretty clear it's at least contentious.

Do the developers of The Gimp want it to be taken seriously ?, or will they be happy just making something non-standard that will make them look foolish. As a potential new user that's how it's looking to me.

You're wrong!

The problem is NOT a lack of conventional Save command, rather a lack
of conventional Import command!

The program "opens" non-native files! That should not happen! It
should import them so you are fully aware that you need to export to a
non-native format.

Helping new users of KompoZer and The GIMP
Sorry, I was mistaking The Gimp for a sensible image editing program.

If this is the sort of advice given out to new users I can see why The Gimp is regarded so poorly by imaging professionals.

Paul Holman
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