On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:04 PM, Renaud  OLGIATI wrote:

>> > how about offering the user an export / save choice in the Preferences 
>> > dialogues ?
>> As already discussed before, the answer is 'no'.
> Why not ?
> Do I sense here a case of the Microsoft delusion ? ("We are Gimp of Borg, 
> resistance is futile...")

Sorry, but I'm not in a position to explain your senses. There are
professionals that do that kind of job for a wide range of fee, as I'm

There reason the team doesn't provide a setting for that is because
it's a behaviour change. Which is widely regarded by usability
engineers as a sure pathway to hell.

> PS Could anyone kindly point me in the direction of a repository for a Debian 
> amd64 gimp 2.6.12 deb file ?


Alexandre Prokoudine
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