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You've never heard of Adobe Premiere, Kdenlive, Apple Final Cut, Apple
Logic, Audacity, Cubase, Ardour, Blender? That's OK. Now you have

Using the examples of video editing packages is rather disingenuous as
they are all project based programs that work on the expectation of
combining multiple files and outputting in a different format. A very
different case.

Care to give any examples of the genre of image editing programs that
insist on defaulting to working on intermediate formats ?

Sometimes it's better to accept a program's development has gone wrong
and return it to a more acceptable workflow that matches the
expectations of it's users.

Paul Holman
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Agreed 100%, also do not know why Audacity is in there. I expect audio to be saved in Audacity in wav file format (which is what it does), with a project file in some Audacity-specific format (which it does) and then when I'm done on the project, to export it to something other than wav (which I knew it would be in to start with). Totally different expectations then we have had for GIMP for over 10 years now. I'm getting used to the change, but I still do not like it one bit and it is still an interruption to the normal flow of work (open, edit, save, close, done). Now it's Open/import, edit, export, make sure image actually saved, close - dismissing any useless dialogue boxes because GIMP now works differently then it has for 10 years.

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