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> How much do I pay for the Gimp? Nothing.
> Am I delighted with it? Yes!

Glad to hear you are.
> Does it require any effort to get used to using <ctrl>E and <ctrl>S ?
> No - a child would make less fuss than some of the posters to this
> group.

You are missing the point here, that now if a user opens and modifies a .jpeg 
picture, Save does not replace the original with the modified picture, but 
creates a modified picture in a different format, which is contrary to all 
software practice, except in some cases (like Audacity) where Save explicitely 
saves a "Project" and not the original file. (Note to self: suggest to Tsar 
Alexander he modifies menu entry from Save to Save Project)

And GIMP recognizes the difference, since it then complains that the picture 
has not been saved if you Export (to the original formai) then attempt to close 
the program.
> Thousands of us owe a debt of gratitude to all the developers.

Yes we do, but we also owe it to them to give some feedback on how we feel 
about the changes they make in the app.
> To the whingers - you are boring, get a life.

This is a bit rich, coming from the country where we hear they are still 
whingeing about Decimalization and Metrication   ;-3)
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