Hi all

I not often write here, but I'm a regular user of gimp. But I slowly get upset 
by some mails here

> On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 11:32:45AM +0100, . wrote:
>> No less than six digests were waiting to be read this morning, almost
>> entirely cluttered with this nonsense.
>> How much do I pay for the Gimp? Nothing.
>> Am I delighted with it? Yes!
>> Does it require any effort to get used to using <ctrl>E and <ctrl>S ?
>> No - a child would make less fuss than some of the posters to this
>> group.
>> Thousands of us owe a debt of gratitude to all the developers.
>> To the whingers - you are boring, get a life.
>> Dave Russell
>> London
> ---end quoted text---
> +100

First: I am myself developer of open source projects as well as Debian 
developer, so not some casual user.

These bullying emails are just plain rubbish. Software should be written with 
the users in mind. And
- opening a jpg file
- editing
- saving
should result in a saved version of yhe original file, because that is what 
practically all programs are doing, and what the user expectation, and natural 
behaviour is.

Of course a program does not need to follow the guide lines, but then there 
should be a clear indication that it is doing something else than the 
standard/default/expected behaviour.

It could all be easily avoided if there were two entries "save as gimp doc" and 
"save as original" and a config setting for the default shortcut binding.

I don't mind gimp devs pushing for xcf format, what I dislike is breaking of 
expected behaviour and, like above emails, ignorance of the problem.

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