It would take too long a message to do justice to your question, but
a quick version goes something like
My agent sends a jpg of the card she plans to mail out, asking me to edit.
I edit, save to jpg becasue tha's what she wants, and it has now
disappeared off my screen.
I open it again to make sure I am satisfied with it, mail it to her.
She mails it back with the changes I've asked for, I review and either make
changes or don't, and
start the circle again (export instead of save as, it disappears, I open it
again for review, etc.)
Here   is a sample of what I'm talking about, a postcard announcing an
opening,  although I don't know
whether the image will show up on the gimp list.

Also, check the website for Associated Artists of NC, for Muddy River Arts,
for ... well, they all
ask for jpegs (again, I don't know why).
I like to see, to take a final look, at what I send to my agents, to juried
competitions, and to printers
and the owners of art galleries.  This new requirement that I keep
exporting and re-opening jpg files
is counterproductive, frustrating, and is an extreme increase in the time
it takes me to do my work.

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:39 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 6:34 AM, Helen wrote:
> > Andrew & Bridget
> > A remark such as "if you don't like it, don't use it"  is rude and
> > unhelpful, and such remarks
> > should never appear on this list.   I've stayed out of the discussion of
> > this regression -- I hate the
> > change to-- but I appeal for courtesy to those who care enough to try to
> > communicate the
> > problems this is causing.  And it is causing so many problems for me that
> > I'm wondering if it's
> > going to be a game breaker.  I work with agents for my art galleries.
>  One
> > of my agents wants
> > everything sent as jpeg so I send her what she wants.   One wants .tif
> so I
> > send her what she
> > wants.  Juried exhibits ask for jpeg (I don't know why)  but this change
> > adds hours  to a job
> > that should take me half an hour.
> Helen,
> That doesn't sound right.
> What does workflow look like?
> Alexandre Prokoudine
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