On 06/15/2013 12:42 PM, Helen wrote:
> Your steps are pretty much the same as mine.  The misunderstanding
> Iguess is that, after I export,  the .jpg file disappears.  Yes, the
> original image is there, with all it's layers and that is good, but at
> this point, I am finished with the .xcf file and I want to see the
> jpg.  But it is gone, so I have to re-open it.  i may tweak it for the
> agent or gallery, but I can't save it and send it to them,  because as
> soon as I re- opened it,  it became .xcf again.  so I have to export
> again, and, again, it disappears, so I hve to open the jpg again, and
> of course it reverts to ..xcf again ...   it's not the exporting that
> is causing the trouble-- that's easy enough to do.  it's the fact that
> after I export to jpg, the jpg disappears and I have to keep
> re-opening it.   Not good.  Yes, the original file is still there, but
> my agent does not want that one.

Ok, I better understand what you're saying.  I just went through the
process again and I think the biggest "obstacle" here is your
description of things.  Here's what I mean:  when I (or you) open the
JPEG image, it appears in the GIMP image window as an image, either in
indexed mode, grayscale mode, or RGB mode.  It's not really a "JPEG" or
"PNG" or anything, since those are image _file_ formats.   When you make
an edit on the image and you export it, the JPEG doesn't "disappear" and
the edited image still shows in the image window. It's that you want to
see the _exported_ JPEG file to confirm the export resulted in the JPEG
file you wanted to create for the client.

When I export JPEG files from GIMP, I also view them to make sure they
look good but I tend to view them outside of GIMP, since I have no need
to re-open them to make changes.  Why? Because the original image I
edited is *still* loaded in the GIMP image window, waiting for me to
either save it, as a XCF file, or to make more changes to it.

I think you're thinking you have to re-open the exported JPEG file in
GIMP to make more edits is causing some confusion.



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