Not exactly, no, the edited image that is now on my screen, the xcf, is
probably a resolution of 300 x 300 and may be a print size of 12 x 16;
But the exported
image is a resolution of 72 and is not meant for printing.   *That* is the
one that I have to re-open (because I can't force it not to close when I
export.)   *That's* the one I have to mail, and if I decided to make a
tweak, I can't just save and mail -- I have to export, re-open ...   I
don't see any way around the repeated reopenings except to make sure
everything I do is perfect the first time, and that's even less likely than
the developers reconsidering this.  Thank you Tom.

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Are you saving these .jpg's in different sizes, one for emailing and one for printing ?

When you open a image in GIMP you are basically importing any image type into the software, so whilst you are editing in GIMP it is no longer a .jpg or .tif or other that you opened it is a .xcf file, hence why you now export. Where previous versions you opened a .jpg and you saved to .jpg, it was still a .xcf file while you where editing it but the software automatically saved it back to the format you opened it in, unless you selected .xcf or others to save it too.
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