On Sat, 2013-06-15 at 16:14 -0400, Helen wrote:
>  When I export, it closes!

The preview will close but the original image is still open.

If you use single-window-mode, GIMP then switches back to a random (or
unpredictable) image, not the one you were working on, but it's still

My own workflow for www.fromoldbooks.org is usually
1. file->create->from scanner, scan an image
2. save (export) the image as imagename-raw.png (lossless format)
3. edit the image to clean up the scan (10 minutes to 3 hours)
4. save (export) the result to imagename-cleaned.png
5. scale down from print to Web size and export as jpeg,
6. undo, scale down to a smaller size and export again
7. repeat for up to a dozen sizes
all without closing the GIMP.

It's complicated considerably if you have more than one layer, or a
floating selection, but I almost always have only a single layer by the
time I'm doing the final saves/exports.


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