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Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] A sad case of regression ?

. . . That's not perfect yet - for example, you lose the undo history . . .
How often is Undo history ACTUALLY needed by the user, beyond fixing a
ten-seconds-ago mistake?  I can't personally name a single application
that stores undo history with the document's workfile; but if you can,
let me know.
"no-one swims across the river here so we don't need a bridge"?

I've used commercial software that stored editing history in a database
- you can go back through the entire history of most aircraft manuals
and see all the edits, for example, for obvious legal reasons.

I've many times wished I could save undo history - e.g. I'm
experimenting, but my flight is boarding or my battery is low.


Think about it. Undo history can actually save some users the hassle of an overlooked mistake. It's there quietly sitting in the corner not really berating the workflow. It's not like it's really affecting a smooth workflow.

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