Andrew & Bridget wrote,

> When you open a image in GIMP you are basically importing any image type
> into the software, so whilst you are editing in GIMP it is no longer a
> .jpg or .tif or other that you opened it is a .xcf file, hence why you
> now export.  Where previous versions you opened a .jpg and you saved to
> .jpg, it was still a .xcf file while you where editing it but the
> software automatically saved it back to the format you opened it in,
> unless you selected .xcf or others to save it too.

I think there is some confusion here. As I understand it, when an image
is open in GIMP and is being edited, the image you see is the display on
screen of an "arrangement of pixels in memory", rather than a .xcf (or
any other file format) file.

And that has been the process even before the change to the save/export

That is, .xcf. .jpg, and any other file to which you end up saving are
file formats, not what is currently being edited in memory.

It's only when you save (which GIMP now limits to the .xcf file format),
or export (to other file formats), that the "arrangement of pixels in
memory" is rearranged again for whatever the on-disk file format requires.

Bob Long

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