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. . . That's not perfect yet - for example, you lose the undo history . . .

How often is Undo history ACTUALLY needed by the user, beyond fixing a
ten-seconds-ago mistake?  I can't personally name a single application
that stores undo history with the document's workfile; but if you can,
let me know.

"no-one swims across the river here so we don't need a bridge"?

I've used commercial software that stored editing history in a database
- you can go back through the entire history of most aircraft manuals
and see all the edits, for example, for obvious legal reasons.

I've many times wished I could save undo history - e.g. I'm
experimenting, but my flight is boarding or my battery is low.


Office software, when you set it to display revisions, in a way saves undo history.

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