Thanks for your reply Liam. Sorry I didn't include enough information. I was
just trying random things so didn't think it would be very helpful.

In any case, I tried two different methods but neither worked: 

1. Added a layer on top with the solid pink color and changed the Mode to color.
This leads to the white and pink image  (white background) (see attached). I
merged down the the pink layer and then tried inverting hoping to swap the
foreground and background color of the image but I learned that is not what
invert does.

2. I also tried the colorize tool on the greyscale image. Again, I get to the
same pink image with white background (why doesn't colorize change the white
color?). Again trying to invert this does not lead to what I am looking for.

I wish I could remember how I did it last time but I was just randomly trying
things. I would really appreciate if you can suggest a way to swap the
foreground and background colors once I have the pink/white image attached.

Thanks a lot for your help!

>Note that the first step is to change the image mode to RGB (go to the
>Image menu and select Mode, then RGB).
>If this isn't it, you'll need to give us more details - exactly what
>you try, what did you expect to happen, what actually happened. Be
>precise and clear enough that someone else can follow your steps. That
>way we can help you :-)


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