Try Edit>Preferences>Enviroment (it's the first card in dialog box)

There You'll control maximum size of image, size of cache etc.

In theory there is another solution - Xprograms can be run on one
machine and displayed on another. This was philosophy behind Xserver
and Xclient but i've never heared about anybody running GIMP this way.

Good Luck

2013/6/17, Gunold Brunbauer <>:
> I`m a network administrator in a secondary school.
> In our computer network we have 15 thin clients.
> I´ve installed GIMP and it worked fine. But when the pupils start gimp,
> then there are always some workstations on which gimp ist very, very
> slowly.
> I suppose, that those thin clients on which gimp ist started last wont
> get enough memory.
> How can I achieve that gimp will use only a limitede amount of memory
> space?
> Thank you for your advice
> Gunold
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