Hi, friends,


working with my Wacom-tablet for 20 min without saving (of course as a .xcf
- file !!!! :-) ) 

GIMP got hung up and closed. No chance to save my data. If important: I
tried to use the 

bucket fill and was trying to select the colour. GIMP go on strike (may be
because it is 24:00 or 00:00 


Is there anywhere a hidden place on my disk where GIMP save my work in the
background (like Open Office) ??

And: It would be great to have this restore-function in GIMP too when
restartíng a hung-up GIMP.


To talk about or to solve problems like this is (in my eyes) more important
than an annoying sad-case - discussion 


Thanks for help!


Yours Konrad


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