>Yes, e.g. with File->open
>Yes. with the clone tool active, control-click on one image and then
>paint with the clone tool on the other image.
>Your work is very good, thank you for sharing it.
>You might find "The artists' guide to the gimp" a useful book.  It
>use a little bit of jargon, but it does try to explain things and has
>tutorials thatyou can work through.  Transparency is a very useful

Thank you! It still is confusing me to me but with your guide I will figure it
out!  I am unable to get two to open still Not sure what I am doing wrong but
Ill get it. Thanks
here is another picture I did wtih Gimp and wacom.

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/44/original/desert_night.jpg

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