> Von: "Joseph A. Nagy, Jr" <jnagyjr1...@gmail.com>

> > To my aged and somewhat failing recoginition, gimp has *always*
> > loaded/queried it's plugins and extensions when starting, irrespective of
> > platform.  If 2.8.4 did not, it probably was a failing/bug.  I am still on
> > 2.8.2 and it also does the check/load at start.
> >
> I have the same experience as well, and have always had the same 
> experience. GIMP queries for plugins at startup, I just upgraded to 
> 2.8.6 but have yet to run it, though I'm expecting that normal behavior 
> yet again.

Yes, it does that. But in order to avoid querying plug-ins that haven't 
changed, their modification time is compared to the cached values. The whole 
query is hardly noticeable on a modern system except on the first launch (and 
launches after an upgrade).

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