I was using the Perspective Distortion on a path-from-text the other day when I 
noticed a usability gripe:  The tool's on-canvas preview (i.e. the 
transformation handles and guides) used the entire image canvas size.  Although 
it did display an on-canvas preview of the path being transformed, the 
particular skew I was looking for required stretching the transformation 
handles well outside the bounds of the image canvas -- not exactly convenient 
when the path in question occupies a relatively small portion of the entire 
image canvas.

For comparison, when you use a transform tool on a layer, GIMP uses the bounds 
of that layer for the preview grid (if a selection is present, GIMP also limits 
it to the layer's selected area).  Likewise, if you use a transformation tool 
on the selection mask itself, GIMP also uses the rectangular bounds of that 

But when you use a transform tool on a path, GIMP should grab the rectangular 
bounds of the path you are modifying and base its preview (transformation 
handles and guides) on that.  Much more intuitive that it's modifying a path, 
not the whole image.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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